Red Faction: Guerrilla, one of the games that caused me to buy a Playstation 3. It offers a fully destructible open-world environment, the opportunity to play at one’s own pace, a slick sci-fi on Mars surrounding, and great vehicle physics. And mechs! Multiplayer is still alive and and kicking two years after its release, with some pretty original team deathmatch play (other modes seem abandoned). Last but not least, the best melee weapon of all time: the sledgehammer.

I have recently completed a second campaign playthrough after a two year hiatus, getting into multiplayer, and nabbing all the single-player trophies along the way. One trophy in particular that seems to have given people fits is Revolutionary, requiring one to complete all 104 guerilla actions. Aside from its marathon nature is the added challenge that several of the actions depend on semi-random events in the guise of “radio calls,” often requiring you to be in the right place at the right time. The following are some resources I used to navigate my way through the achievement.

PDF Checklist (used extensively):

Another Checklist:

A Thread Full of Hints:

A Pair of Guerilla Action Maps:

A lot of the above is predicated on an apparent bug related to convoys, whereby they would not spawn reliably after the campaign was over. Hence the emphasis on doing all radio actions at the first opportunity. That seems to be fixed by a 20090809 patch, so they successfully spawn after the campaign, but now they may not spawn until then (as some did not for me). The standing rule of thumb still seems to apply: try to do all of the guerilla actions in each sector before liberating it. And some actions may not pop up at all until story missions are done, so check for some new ones to pop up (especially house arrests) after each campaign mission in a sector.

So, not worrying too much about convoys that did not seem to spawn, here are the five that I could not do until after the campaign was completed, named as in the checklists and maps:

DES/BAD-FFZ (C5, Badlands), spawned in north central Eos
CAP/OASIS-DUST (GREEN, Oasis), spawned in north central Eos, and again in the Badlands safehouse
DES/OASIS-BAD (C6, Oasis), spawned in north central Eos, and again in east Oasis
CAP/FFZ-MART (C2, Eos), spawned in southwest of FFZ in the base-like area with two demolition challenges 3x
DES/EOS-FFZ (C1, Eos), spawned while in middle of FFZ

The last two seemed location dependent, as they were specific to Eos, while the rest may have spawned anywhere. YMMV. Also, if another radio action like a raid comes up, just warp to a safehouse to reset it.

Finally if you are going for ore, radio tags, crates, power cells, etc, this map is quite impressive, both technologically and comprehensively. The latter map for the expansion Demons of the Badlands: (web archive)