F31 F32 F33

Many many years ago, one of several Fedora Core 1 installs I maintained and upgraded turned into a full blown upgrade streak over thirty releases and some fifteen-odd years. The same image saw itself migrate and multiply onto several separate pieces of hardware and virtual machine, all keeping the streak alive in parallel.

Alas, the 32-bit origins of that Fedora Core 1 image means that streak has seen its last release with Fedora 30. Probably. Possibly. Regardless, that streak is on pause.

A new streak begins on 64-bit Fedora 31, with a 2019-11-07 installation on a Lenovo ThinkPad P52 laptop.

UPDATE 2021-01-12: F31 -> F32
UPDATE 2021-06-08: F32 -> F33
UPDATE 2021-08-23: F33 -> F34