First ensuring I was running fedup-0.8 to avoid the fedup-0.7 upgrade bug, this Fedora upgrade was off to the races with fedup --network 20. Unfortunately, after rebooting to the upgrade, my machine ended up wedged at the following:

systemd[1]: Failed to initialize SELinux context: No such file or directory

This fedup selinux bug is easily worked around with selinux=0 enforcing=0 on the kernel command-line. Afterwards, the upgrade completed without issue. I am also pleased to see that one particular Pidgin bug that plagued me throughout Fedora 19 seems to be fixed.

Meanwhile, an unrelated fedup upgrade I conducted on a laptop required that I work around some bugs related to finding my encrypted root partition, by specifying rd.luks.uuid=<uuid> in grub. I find myself wondering if we as an industry are making adequate progress reconciling and mitigating the increasing problems that come with increasing technical complexity.