I run the Eclipse IDE, and with a new laptop running Fedora 14 x86_64 came time to do a new install. Rather than porting my existing Eclipse 3.5.1 archive, I always take the opportunity to check for the latest version and plugins. After firing up Eclipse 3.6.1, I went about installing plugins to find that they are installed into a users .eclipse subdirectory. This is a refreshing change from earlier versions which tossed plugins into the application’s plugins subdirectory (at least by default).

EPIC, PHPEclipse, CDT, and Subversive all installed with no issues. The Amateras EclipseHTMLEditor, lacking an update site, has always been a matter of throwing a jar file into the plugins subdirectory, and this was no different. Lastly, ShellEd took some work. Following the installation directions left me adding an install site to add man-page integration, upon which ShellEd depends, and then adding an archive install site pointing to the downloaded ShellEd 2.0.0_m3 zip file. However this failed until I added the Dynamic Languages Toolkit from its install site. Past that, ShellEd still would not install because of a trust error pointing to paths of nonexistent files that the installer should have installed itself (ex: ~/.eclipse/org.eclipse.platform_3.6.1_1140856179/plugins/net.sourceforge.shelled.core_0.0.0.201007201532.jar). Chicken before the egg. Manually copying the offending file into place, restarting the install, and repeating, got past the error. Simply copying files into place without bothering with an install did not seem to work. Here is to continuing to hope that someday ShellEd has an update site.

Eclipse still rocks. 🙂