The latest in my upgrade streak to Fedora 17 a couple of weeks ago was relatively painless. Since this Fedora includes the /usr merge, and even the yum upgrade proponents specifically recommend not upgrading with yum for this version, I went ahead and did it the old fashioned way with DVD and anaconda. The only obstacle was an anaconda bug that was easily worked around by commenting out my separate /home mount (and swap) from /etc/fstab. Post-upgrade, a thousand or more updates, and voila a fully-updated Fedora 17.

On to X and my four monitors. Whereas with my upgrade to Fedora 16 I was able to get Xinerama up on the nouveau driver across all three cards/four screens, here my dual-head NV44A Geforce 6200 AGP card would not cooperate. The resolution on the second head would never set right and it was stuck in clone mode. A brief foray with the RPM Fusion kmod-nvidia-173xx driver seemed more trouble than it was worth, so it was back to nouveau with Xinerama off. I do not really miss it, and I was having some performance issues that may have been Xinerama-related in Fedora 16 anyway. Looks good, and the /usr merge was long in coming.