Git: Patch Export

Written by on 13.06.2015 | Technology

Recent work has had me splitting and merging git repositories using git filter-branch to carve down a cloned repo to just the desired file(s). An alternative is to use git format-patch to export the patch series representative of a file’s history. This approach is outlined perfectly here: A brief example while working on my […]


Written by on 27.04.2015 | Technology

Qmail-skim is a queue enhancement for the venerable qmail MTA. Inserted as a replacement for qmail-queue, it allows for subjecting messages to an array of user-configurable tests including simple envelope, header, and body pattern checks, with potential rejection of offending messages at SMTP/queue time. Additionally, qmail-skim can determine the fate of a message based on […]

Fedora Upgrade: F20 -> F21

Written by on 21.02.2015 | Technology

The Fedora update odyssey continues on new hardware. The time between Fedora 20 and 21 saw my long-running, much-updated Fedora image migrated to two new environments: laptop and virtual machine. fedup –network 21 –product=nonproduct fedup –network 21 –product=workstation Curious, I tried “nonproduct” on laptop and “workstation” on VM, with end result the same. Fedup blocked […]

Git: Splitting and Merging Repositories

Written by on 25.11.2014 | Technology

Projects evolve, code boundaries change. Git commit history shall be preserved. Split Repo Split files out into a new repo preserving all history. Existing repository: perl. File to preserve: First, clone the existing repository to a new location, as it will be carved down to just the file(s) we need, thereby becoming the new […]


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