Fedora Upgrade: F29 -> F30

Written by on 01.03.2020 | Technology

My latest Fedora 30 upgrade kicked off in the usual fashion: dnf system-upgrade download –refresh –releasever=30 A few packages that “do not belong to a distupgrade repository” were in the way: dnf remove ceph-common system-config-date system-config-services system-config-firewall Everything went swimmingly through: dnf system-upgrade reboot Until I landed at the grub prompt. A quick search found […]

Fedora Upgrade: F28 -> F29

Written by on 22.10.2019 | Technology

A very belated Fedora 29 DNF upgrade initally proceeded without too many issues. But I did run into a couple of interesting problems, one of them seemingly some 15 years in the making. So begins the typical process: dnf upgrade –refresh # nothing as of at least 2019-10-25 dnf install dnf-plugin-system-upgrade dnf system-upgrade download –refresh […]

Fedora Upgrade: F27 -> F28

Written by on 03.08.2018 | Technology

Another DNF upgrade success: dnf system-upgrade download –refresh –releasever=28

Fedora Upgrade: F26 -> F27

Written by on 10.02.2018 | Technology

Latest DNF upgrade a success: dnf system-upgrade download –refresh –releasever=27


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