Fedora Upgrade: F38 -> F39

Written by on 01.01.2024 | Technology

And another one down, and another one down… Typical removal of a handful of packages to solve edge dependency and repo issues: libsss_simpleifp, wazuh-manager, libswscale-free, rpmfusion-free-release, etc. And then put them back, maybe. Some rpm gpg key work narrowing to expired key for removal:

Fedora Upgrade: F37 -> F38

Written by on 21.08.2023 | Technology

And another: dnf system-upgrade download –releasever=38 As is typical, a transaction error of some kind or another, this one requiring dnf remove gstreamer1-plugins-ugly

Fedora Upgrade: F36 -> F37

Written by on 30.04.2023 | Technology

Another one for the Fedora upgrade streak: A few rpm -e commands to get it moving due to package conflicts (perl-Crypt-Random, mod_perl, perl-Math-Pari). Weird.

Fedora Upgrade: F35 -> F36

Written by on 30.05.2022 | Technology

Continuing the Fedora upgrade streak: dnf system-upgrade download –releasever=36 With some relief, I have resolution of a problem I have had since F34 with lock screen and hibernate and anything else which blanks out the screen resulting in lost keyboard and mouse input. Phew.


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